Have you ever noticed that when you eat food with lots of garlic, the scent stays with you?  It seems to be in your pores, you exhale garlic and begin searching for some gum or breath mints?  The same may be true with some other foods, onions, etc.? 

I think that this works for other things besides food.    Perhaps we exhale what we take in.  What do you exhale?  If we take in anger and bitterness, it becomes so much a part of us that we begin to exhale that.  What about resentment and jealousy?

On the other side, if we inhale beauty, joy, peace and gratitude…is that what we exhale?  There are people that I know that live such holy lives that they exhale the Divine.  What a gift to be in their presence…to breathe what they exhale. 

Today I choose to breathe in the breath of God and exhale Him.

3 thoughts on “Exhaling

  1. Such true thoughts. All our experiences and thoughts do have a way of becoming an essence of who we are. And if breathing is symbolic of our lives, too, then it would seem what we know is who we are, and so it is inspiration to find the good in our days.

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