Most of us begin our lives in a comfortable house with parents who love and protect us.  In our early years we may not know anywhere beyond the walls of our home, a friend or relative’s house, a car ride and various stores.  A few years pass and we go to a school.  At school we meet others and at first imagine that everyone there has a similar environment to our own.  It isn’t long before we begin to become aware that others live very different lives.  Through television and newspapers and the internet, there are really no limits to seeing  beyond the walls of our house. 

How big is your world?  Do you  live in a world of yourself?  Where you may see what goes on outside but choose  not to  let any of it enter your world?  Where you have defined your borders and you are safe,  protected and warm?  Where you do not allow anything or anyone to disturb your little world?  Perhaps your world is limited to your family and friends.  In this world you can give your love and receive the love of others.  You care about them and do whatever it takes to keep them safe.  You protect your world and it is there where you desire to spend your time and energy. 

 Or is your world bigger?  Do you venture out into the unknown where is may not be so safe?  Where you can get hurt or lost?  Does your world include those who do not agree with you?  Does your world include those who do not look like you?  Does your world include those who are poor, or hungry, or different?  Does your world include those who don’t have a world of their own?

Tough questions, at least for me.  My world is defined and has borders.  Maybe it is time to expand my world….to make my world bigger.