Our Hearts

What an amazing organ the heart is.  It is the pump that brings life (blood) to all parts of our bodies, nourishing us and keeping us alive.  It has a rhythm, a beat which allows it to function.  It is centrally located and works around the clock, bringing life and removing waste products.  If it stops, we soon die.

What an amazing organ the heart is.  It swells with pride when we watch our children’s accomplishments.  It aches when someone we care about is in pain.  It races when we contemplate the loves of our lives.  It breaks when we lose someone close.

Think about the images that come to mind with some of the common expressions we use about our hearts:  heart of gold, heart of stone;  take something to heart, eat your heart out;  hardend heart, young at heart;  your heart in the right place,  your heart sinks.

  Our hearts seem to have senses of their own.  Hearts can see beyond and through what the eyes can’t. They allow us glimpses into the souls of others and allow us to feel their suffering and to offer compassion.  Our hearts teach us truth and beauty.    Our hearts teach us love.

Our hearts are made of muscle, and just like any other muscle of the body they can be conditioned and made strong.  If we work at it, we can make all of our hearts more healthy. …….if we work at it, we can make all of our hearts more…..loving.  If we work at it, we can make our hearts more like our Creators heart.

St. Augustine said, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in You”

What an amazing organ the heart is….

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