Today I Choose:

Today I Choose:

To be kind, even if those around me aren’t

To be patient, even if I am in a hurry

To listen, even if I have much to say

To be compassionate, even if I disagree

To comfort, even though I am hurting

To smile, even though I’d rather scowl

To offer understanding, even though I may not ‘get it’

To serve, even though I am thirsty

To love…..because I am loved….first, last, and always.

8 thoughts on “Today I Choose:

  1. I’ll try too….it’s easy to write in the early morning before I encounter anyone…..but, I think that all we need to do is try. I think it was St. Teresa of Avila who said something like…desire is 90%

  2. So much about how we feel is choice, isn’t it. Even choosing how to look at life, and its situations. And it’s amazing how making that choice really influences our attitude each day.

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