Did you ever notice that when we talk to little babies we tend to raise our voices to an unatural pitch, speak slower and have a smile on our face?  Somtimes we even use different words, simpler words that we think may be easier to comprehend.  Some even use sounds that aren’t words at all like goo-goo and ga-ga. 

Do you think that God speaks baby talk to us?  He tells us in Scripture that his ways are not our ways and the answer that he gives to poor Job makes it clear that until we can grasp him and create as he does, we will never be able to understand his answers to some of our questions.   I heard someone say the other day that he is really happy that he cannot understand God because if he could then he and God would be on the same intellectual plane and that would be a really scary thing.

God speaks to us in love because he is love.  He speaks tenderly, compassionately and quietly.  He speaks to our hearts and to our minds.  He speaks through others, through nature, through his Word.  He is constantly speaking, inviting.  He speaks sweetly and gently.  If you listen, you will hear the God talk from a loving Abba (Daddy).  Baby talk?  God talk.  Can we always understand his words?  Probably not all the time, but knowing the Source, we can be sure of the message.