I have this bump on the index finger of my right hand.  It’s not too noticeable and it doesn’t hurt, but it is obvious to me and I certainly didn’t have it all my life.  I know very well what it is, it’s arthritis, there, I’ve said it.  Not a big deal, silly really in the big scheme of things, but it does serve as a reminder to me that time marches on and that this is just a journey that leads home.

I want this bump on my finger to be a reminder of my mortality.  Each day I have opportunities to brighten someone’s day with a kind word or a sweet smile.  Each day I can listen, really listen, when someone has something to say.  Each day I can find and create peace. Each day I can find a bit of quiet time to reflect on this journey and to look ahead to my eternal home. 

In many ways my body defines who I am.  I dress a certain way and wear my hair in a style I choose.  I know how I want to present myself to the world, but that is my shell.  My essence is what is inside and it is that soul that will accompany me to eternity.  The bump on my finger will probably get bigger if I am blessed with many more years.  Other outside changes will occur as well.  I only pray that there are inner changes as well and that these will help to transfom me so that when my earthly journey is over, I will be welcomed home.