7 thoughts on “A Quick Question

  1. Hi Andie,

    Thanks for stopping by regarding my new photography blog. You are so right. Every where we look, there is color and beauty. God loves us so much that he wanted us to find joy and have joy in his beautiful creation. This is precisely the reason why I launched my photo blog. The Lord woke something up in me this summer through the lens of my camera. Talk to you soon!


  2. Yes, generally true. But there ARE some things that are black or white. I know you know that. I mean, after all, Jesus said “he who is not for us is against us.” In other words, especially when speaking of Christ, we are either in or out, yes or no.

  3. Yes Richard, there are Truths, no question there, but I was referring to our judgments. How many times are we warned in Scripture not to judge? We can’t judge hearts like God can. Thanks for the clarification!

  4. When talking about photography, I think it’s interesting sometimes to look at the black and white version of a color photo for a different perspective. But in the broader sense, there are so many colors and perspectives in this world. We are called to appreciate different points of view, and colors are a wonderful gift to help us do that and practice being non-judgmental.

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