In just a few days our doorbells will ring and we will open our doors to witches, monsters, football players, and  princesses.  Giggles from behind their masks…we hear the words, ‘trick of treat’.  After they have received their treat  we return to our comfortable chair only to hear the doorbell ring yet again.  It’s always fun to see the costumes, the creativity and what’s ‘in or out’ for a particular year. 

As the kids get older the costumes become less creative and the costumes are not so elaborate.  For you see, for the older kids, it’s all about the candy.  Yet they try, they make the effort to pull together some kind of disguise, but you can usually recognize them.

Our masks are even more invisible to the outside world, and yet we all wear them, don’t we?  What mask will you wear today?  Sometimes we wear our ‘happy’ mask that hides the pain of a broken heart.  Sometimes we wear that ‘It’s ok – no really it’s ok’ mask when really deep inside it’s not.  Sometimes we wear our ‘don’t you feel so sorry for me?’  mask when we are searching for sympathy and pity.  And sometimes we wear our ‘leave me alone’ mask…..enough said. 

I don’t think that Jesus ever wore a mask.  He revealed all of himself to us.  He opened up to us and stood vulnerable under the weight of a cross.  No mask, nothing to hide.    Let’s leave the disguises to the little ‘trick or treaters’ and let the power of his love help us to shatter our masks.