Halloween Masks

7 thoughts on “Halloween Masks”

  1. Today I’m wearing my content to be quietly at home and writing mask. Except it’s not really a mask, it’s more of one of the many hats we all wear. I like it when the mask, or hat, is peaceful and takes me through the hours with ease.

  2. Sadly modern society encourages the wearing of masks. We’re told to behave a certain way at interviews for jobs. To look and feel confident and assertive. Many Organisations train their top executives and directors how to face a camera and give an interview and not answer the questions directly. I could go on …

    Yet … when we get to meet our Creator face to face … no mask will hide from Him who we truly are.

    Great post Andie … many thanx. God bless.

  3. You are so right, Victor. There are many things in this world that are contrary to the Gospels, don’t you think? Reminds me of…..’we are in the world, not of the world’.

  4. Good post Andie! And oh, those masks, I don’t like them on others and I can’t stand them on myself! It’s a stripping away process in us,isn’t it?

    Also, as to whether we ever had any $ leftover. on your comment on my blog today. Probably not, but always plenty and often more than enough!!

  5. Thanks Sonja, yes, it is a process and I think it probably takes a lifetime! In terms of your post….always plenty and more than enough is far better than leftover cash.

  6. Andie,

    It’s a real gift to have someone who is willing to listen and be there for you, especially in those tough moments. It’s also a real gift to have someone who is willing to share what’s going on in his / her life. In these moments, no mask is necessary. As you said, nothing to hide. I am grateful to have some people with whom I don’t need to wear any invisible mask. In those exchanges, we lift up each other. I am even more grateful to have the Lord who listens and shares with me.

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