Life has a rhythm, don’t you think?  Certainly watching the seasons change, the sun rise, the flowers bloom, even the ebb and flow of a life, teaches us that there is a pattern, a flow that is present throughout the world and beyond.  Some people adapt well, go with it, so to speak, while others seem to be fighting it all the time, resisting and struggling against that which is.  How best to live it?  Dance.

Think about watching dancers.  They are so graceful and caught up in the music that it seems as though they sometimes break through the laws of nature, they seem to defy gravity.  Their flexible bodies move in ways that seem impossible (and painful), and yet they seem oblivious to it, they are caught up in the rhythm of the song. 

Watch the trees as they sway in the breezes.  Watch squirrels as they dance while collecting acorns for the winter.  Watch the birds flutter in dance around a bird feeder.  Watch fish perform their water dance.  Watch children, they often hear the music and dance.

I think that we should dance more often, letting life’s music sing in our souls.  We should listen to it,  and move with it.  We should twirl and spin in gratitude, we should leap over rough spots, we should bend and twist to life’s changes.  We should close our eyes and feel the rhythm inside us.  Every heart has a song, every life a unique melody.  Listen to it, embrace it….and begin to dance.