If you were God….

I posed this question to about 75 eighth graders last evening…..’If you were God, what would you do differently?’  I didn’t see their answers but on the ride home, began to think about the question myself.  What would I do?  Well, I suppose that I would end suffering, cure sickness, create peace in the world, feed the poor, and on and on.  In my world people wouldn’t have to ask questions like, ‘why me?’ or ‘how could you let this happen?’  I wonder how many of the eighth graders had similar answers. 

I think that we all question God’s decisions sometimes, especially when we suffer pain or loss.  No matter how much we trust him and believe in him, those little nagging questions arise….

In my world there would be peace and happiness……but would there be freedom?????  Would people have free will – the choice to walk with me or turn away?  Our free wills are one of the greatest gifts that God gives us.  It is our own freedom that causes the pain and suffering in our world.  God takes a tremendous risk in giving us free will….he doesn’t force obedience, he asks for our hearts. 

It’s fun to dream of my world but it is far better to live in his!

6 thoughts on “If you were God….

  1. The ramifications of your query are quite profound. And your answer provides a valid apologetic to those who ask the question, “Why does God permit . . . .(name your own evil).”

  2. This post brought me a peaceful feeling, as I used to think about this question a lot! It reminds me of a quote spoken by Jesus from the book I just finished, “Nicole, My Father and I have no need for puppets.” (Believe That I Am Here)

  3. So true, it’s far better to live in his world. It would have been interesting to hear those eighth graders thoughts.

    BTW thanks for your encouraging words on my blog today.

  4. At a recollection, my friends and I were sharing about how God treats His people and I told them they had better be thankful that I was not God. Boy, I’m thankful I’m not God – all you poor people… 🙂

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