The funniest thing is when my dog ‘plays dead’ and lays on the floor, head down and perfectly still…..still, except for his tail.  His little stubby tail is wagging away, can’t seem to control it.  When I come home and he greets me, his tail is going a mile a minute, he is filled with excitement and whether I was gone for 10 minutes or all day, he is equally excited to greet me.  Each time I speak his name or have my one-way conversation with him, his barometer tail wags away.

Isn’t it wonderful how joyful he is?  He cannot contain his happiness and vigor.  It is though life itself provides him with tremendous pleasure.  What a great lesson to learn from my dog’s tail.  Imagine how wonderful our day would be if we began it with the joy of being alive.  What incredible relationships we would have if we expressed our joy and excitement to be with one another.  My dog has learned a lot…, perhaps it is my turn.