How many times do I wake up during the night and begin to feel crushed under the problems and possibilities in my life?  Everything seems to be intensified and magnified in the darkest hours of the night.  All of the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘I can’t do its’ and the ‘what will happens’ rise to the surface of my mind and I find myself drowning in the heaviness of thought.  I can really begin a downward spiral which brings me to great fear and desperation.  And then I remember one word, just one five letter work – trust.  This one word has the power to elevate me out of the gloom and to raise me up to where I belong.  Trust……Yes, I can’t do it all.  Yes, there will be difficult challenges.  Yes, there will be sorrow and loss.  But, I am never alone.  There is someone who is with me, watching over me, loving me.  Someone who can do it all and who will do it all.  Trust…..a little word with great power.  And then, the night breaks and the dawn arrives.