Aren’t vending machines convenient?  Who hasn’t enjoyed a candy bar or a bag of chips on the run.  And, who would have thought that drinking fountains would give way to bottled water sold in a vending machine?  Instant gratification – coins, oops – dollars in – product out.  Convenient, accessible, fast!  They certainly serve their purpose for a quick snack.

The problem is that many people have a vending machine mentality when it comes to prayer.  Prayers in-results out, and when that doesn’t happen people get discouraged, say that God doesn’t answer prayers, and give up.  Prayer is not a vending machine, prayer is a relationship, a relationship between lovers.

If only we could remember that God already knows what is in our hearts.  He knows what we should pray for, what we would pray for and what we could pray for.  So, what is left for us?  Only to rest, to rest in the embrace of the greatest Lover.