Did he really say that to me?

Did you ever wonder why you have to be so careful when choosing your words and it doesn’t seem as though anyone else is?  How many times have we thought to ourselves, ‘boy,  how I would  like to say what I am really thinking’, but we seem to be so careful and compassionate,  considering other peoples feelings and moods.  And then suddenly, someone says something to us that can be so thoughtless, hurtful and just plain dumb!  We ask ourselves, ‘why do I have to be so careful?’ 

The answer is usually ‘because that is who we are’.  Isn’t it really a gift that we can see what may be going on in others and that we have the self-discipline to guard our words?  Perhaps next time we are tempted to be as careless as others, we should stop and be grateful that we have the ability to stop and respond in kindness.  Did he really say that to me?  Probably, I have no control over that, I do control, however, my response, and I choose to respond with love.

4 thoughts on “Did he really say that to me?

  1. Hello Andie,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it. I like your post as well. Very often I find myself trying to guard my tongue. I’m not always successful, but I am mindful of it. I realize that when I keep my mouth shut, things go well. If I really need to speak to someone about something, I will pray first and then approach them at a later time after I’ve rehearsed what I want to say with the Lord.

    At other times, I will choose my words carefully if I’m in the moment of speaking with someine, but during the times I mess up, oh boy. But the Lord is working within my heart to guard my tongue. In proverbs it says, even the fool who keeps quiet is wise. Hope to speak with you again soon.


  2. I noticed the same thing. So often I am very cautious with what I say and other people can be blunt and sometimes vulgar with their words. Having self-control is most difficult when we’re angry, I’ve noticed.

    When we are angry, we can pray to God in whatever words come to us and take some time alone before we speak to others. Let us then speak the truth with kindness.

  3. Hi Andie,
    Thanks for stopping by my place. I love making new friends out here in Blogland. I really appreciate this post. Thanks for the reminder that I should be glad to be capable of holding my tongue, even when others don’t!

  4. Excellent post Andie and so true. When I was younger I often said exactly what was on my mind and found myself having to apologize to those I wounded. It was something I really prayed about and asked God to help me to guard my tongue. I still find it a challenge at times but having been wounded myself a few times by careless words I try to pause and consider my words especially when I’m angry.

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