Did you ever wonder why you have to be so careful when choosing your words and it doesn’t seem as though anyone else is?  How many times have we thought to ourselves, ‘boy,  how I would  like to say what I am really thinking’, but we seem to be so careful and compassionate,  considering other peoples feelings and moods.  And then suddenly, someone says something to us that can be so thoughtless, hurtful and just plain dumb!  We ask ourselves, ‘why do I have to be so careful?’ 

The answer is usually ‘because that is who we are’.  Isn’t it really a gift that we can see what may be going on in others and that we have the self-discipline to guard our words?  Perhaps next time we are tempted to be as careless as others, we should stop and be grateful that we have the ability to stop and respond in kindness.  Did he really say that to me?  Probably, I have no control over that, I do control, however, my response, and I choose to respond with love.