From the time that we begin to speak, we start asking questions.  We want answers, we want to understand, we want to learn.  In school we are encouraged to ask questions, we’ve all heard from our teachers and parents, ‘if you don’t ask, how will you know?’  And so, we ask….and we know.

As we get older, our questions become deeper and more complex.  We ask ‘why’,  and sometimes we have an answer, and sometimes we don’t.  There are so many questions that just don’t have answers, at least answers that make any sense to us.  We want to understand but the answer, if there is one, seems far beyond our level of comprehension, at least in this world.

When the children ask questions we sometimes tell them that they have to wait until they are older before they can understand.  Their little minds simply cannot understand the complexity of the answer, but we know that in time they will mature and be able to comprehend the answer.  Perhaps it is the same for us.  Perhaps in this world our minds are limited to this world’s dimensions.  Maybe our minds are like the minds of a child when compared to the thoughts of our God.  ‘My ways are not your ways’ Scripture tells us.  And so, our questions remained unanswered and our understanding is not to be.  Our knowledge is limited and our reasoning incomplete.  But, the questions are essential….we must continue to ask…and we must be confident that there are answers….We must be at peace with our questions without answers.