Oh, the things that we do to ourselves…..

Trees, animals, humans….it isn’t a stretch to see how we are different.  We have been blessed with an intellect, being created in the image and likeness of God.  What a gift!  To be wired like our creator…and yet….what do we do with that?  Each of us unique with talents and a personality that has never been before and never will be.  We should celebrate our ‘me’ each day.  But then the question becomes….why am I not satisfied with the ‘me’ that I am?

A tree is a tree, it will never be a flower, it will never be a mountain.  It stands tall and lifts its branches in gratitude to the heavens.  A dog is happy being a dog, no matter how we try to make our dogs ‘human’ they are still dogs.  We can dress them up, bathe them in perfumed baths, and give them foo-foo names, but let them loose in a yard with a squirrel and you will see…..they are still dogs.

We are God’s children,  and yet, there are so many times when that is not enough.  We are so hard on ourselves.  Our physical bodies are never quite right, we beat ourselves up for not doing enough or eating the wrong foods.  We want to be more like someone else, some hero that we have deemed ‘more together’.  We want to be smarter or funnier, are we ever just content?

It’s time that we celebrate who we are.  It’s time that we become who we were created to be.  It’s time to celebrate ‘me’, just as I am with my uniqueness, my gifts and my talents.  Because it is only when we become at peace with who we are at this moment, that we can then grow into the fullness of the ‘me’ that God created.

One thought on “Oh, the things that we do to ourselves…..

  1. What comforting wisdom! This has been my struggle – to simply be myself without straining to fit into a certain model created by others. Perfectionists forget about grace. I love your examples about dogs being dogs. This post reminds me of the line from a psalm that says, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

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