The weather has been warm and dry, so dry that the grass is dying and the flowers are wilting.  Everyone begins to speak of rain, we need rain, it hasnt’ rained in a while, the lawns are dry, we need some rain.  It begins to rain and within the first few minutes or hours, we begin to complain about the rain.  We hate rainy days, what an inconvenience this rain is.  It’s dark and dreary, when will this rain ever end?  What does it say about us?

It’s commical really when we can sit back and observe ourselves from afar.  It reminds me of the Exodus…..why did you bring us out of Egypt?  We want food…..not more manna, we’re sick of manna.  We are a silly bunch, aren’t we?

Makes you wonder…..isn’t it wonderful that we have a God who makes the ‘big’ decisions in our lives?  Trusting ourselves is a bit risky.  We think that we know what we need for ourselves…and we think that we also know what others need.  I don’t doubt that our wants and needs come from a good place inside of us, but we are flawed and a bit fickle.  And so, as this day begins, I look to the heavens and am confident that the one who knows me better than I know myself and the one who loves me totally and unconditionally will be making the ‘big’ decisions today!