A Job Well Done

How many times do we ‘beat ourselves up’ when we make a mistake or fail at a task?  We are so quick to be critical of ourselves and in our reflection at the end of the day it is so easy to regret a word or action.  Most of the time, we are even harder on ourselves than others are.  Every day there are missed opportunities, but for most of us there is tomorrow and a new day always carries a promise of hope to try again, to be a bit better, kinder or more compassionate.

In our evening reflections we should never forget to also acknowledge our successes.  Not in a prideful way but in a peaceful manner.  The truth is, we do accomplish much each day.  We do reach out to others.  We do offer a kind word or a helping hand.  We do brighten the days of those around us.  We do make others smile.  We do lift the spirits of the down hearted. 

At the end of each day we should lift our eyes to heaven and offer a prayer of thanks and then smile and know that the response from above is “a job well done.”

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