There are times, moments, in my life that I look back on and wish that they were here again.  It’s funny, at the time it may have been ‘just another day’ or even a day that I couldn’t wait to end.  And now, I know that those moments are lost forever. The littlest things, the tinest memories are by far the most precious. 

Yesterday in the grocery store I watched as a busy mom shopped.  Her two young sons trailing behind her.  The youngest son was barely old enough to talk and he was trying so hard to say something ‘most important’ to his brother.  The words were slow and forced but had such enthusiasm and excitement behind them.  It was something about what he wanted to do when they returned home.  His older brother wasn’t paying too much attention and his mom was trying her best to do what needed to be done in a very busy store. 

I watched with such feeling….this little soul had something to say and everyone was too busy to listen.  How many times have I been too busy to listen, really listen to those around me, to those whom I love more than anything?  How many times have I not bothered to really listen to others because I may not agree with what they are saying or because I have a ‘better’ idea?

Time is precious, and people are even more precious.  Moments don’t last forever…..things change.  That little boy will grow up and probably say some really important things in his life.  But that moment, that labored sentence was the most important thing.  Let’s not ignore the voices of the children.  Let’s not write them off because they may be about something as ‘unimportant’ as a catepillar on the sidewalk, a pretty flower or a cloud formation.  It’s wonderful to reflect back on those precious memories but it’s even more wonderful to stop and really ‘live’ and appreciate those moments in the present.