At some point today we should pause for a moment of two and remember the events of nine years ago.  It was a day that shocked the world and a day that changed people’s lives.  When tragedy strikes so suddenly we feel so vulnerable and helpless.  We need to rely on our God to somehow bring peace to our shattered hearts. 

9/11 was a National tragedy, but every day individuals have to face their own tragedies.  Some are shared with family and friends, and some must be felt and dealt with alone.  We must always remember and have compassion for the many who are suffering their own sorrows. 

And this pain is expressed in so many different ways.  Some become bitter and angry, some resentful and jealous, some withdrawn and isolated.  These traits are not the person, they are a manifestation of the person’s life experiences. 

Let us try to look beyond the actions and into the heart.  Let us look with our hearts direcly into the hearts of others.  And  then we can understand just a little better, the suffering and pain that is so prevalent in our world.  And, let us always turn to our God who stands ready to comfort us with open arms.