Do you think that many of us base our self-worth on what we can produce?  We get trapped in the cyclone of ‘work harder’, ‘produce more’, ‘gather more’.  And the cycle continues.  Are we teaching this to our children?  It appears as though the competition gets younger and younger.  The sports become more intense and competitive, the intellect is more challenged, the playfulness of childhood is stripped away.  We must do, become and acquire.

When was the last time that you truly wasted time…..and afterwards, how did you feel about it?  Did you beat yourself up for a ‘wasted’ day?  Did you think, “I could have accomplished so much today but instead I wasted it.”  Allow yourself some wasted time….time to be…..Open your eyes and see what else is ‘being’ at that moment.  All of nature is…..You are more than the sum of your ‘doings’.  Just be…..and appreciate those around you who have also discovered the secret of ‘being’.