I found a rock when I was taking a walk a while back.  This rock had been broken apart and the inside looked quite different than the outside.  The interior was rough while the outside was smooth, and even the coloring was different.  The outside was a dark brown while the inside had more of a speckled look.  I picked it up and thought, ‘how much like me…..’

How many times have we heard, ‘if people only knew the real me’.  We all have two faces, the one that we present to the world, and the one we hold deep inside of ourselves.  At least that is what we think, but are we  fooling ourselves?  Do others really see a different face?

I’m not sure that any of us are that good at hiding our true selves from others.  Think about the energy that would take.  Perhaps the only person that we can hide our true selves from is our own selves. 

As I gaze upon that rock, which now sits on top of my desk, I realize, that the inside really isn’t that different after all.  Sure, the outside is smoother from being exposed to the world, but the two textures make the one rock. 

I suppose that it will be my life’s work, to know the real me and to love the real me.  To be free enough to remove the face that I think that I present to the world.  After all, that face is one that I created…..why not work on the one that I was gifted with?